Double Apple Shisha شيشة تفاحتين

Dubai Vapers

Dhs. 115.00 

ALMALAKI Double Apple (also referred to as Two Apples) is the flavor of choice for traditional hookah smokers and is likely the most popular shisha flavor in the world after mint. AlFakher’s version (OUR BASE FLAVOR MODEL) is a complete classic, keeping the same recipe for decades, this is a flavor that takes hookah smokers back with each puff. When we speak to hookah smokers about their first experiences an overwhelming number say that Double Apple was their first hookah flavor. Double Apple’s mix of Anise (similar to black licorice) and a nice light apple flavor is the epitome of what a classic hookah experience should taste like Now in your Mod !!!


*. This particular flavor might require 2 days steeping for optimal taste


PG/VG Ratio:  25% PG / 75% VG

Bottle Sizes:  30ml

Bottle Type:  Glass with Child-Resistant Dropper Cap



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