Aspire’s new 18650 Battery ( Single )


Dhs. 90.00 

Aspire has proven once again that they can aspire to a better world, where things are easier to use, more reliable and last longer. Aspire has recently launched a new product on the market that has broken new ground in the e-cigarette niche. This produce is Aspire’s new 18650 Battery.

Battery safety could be the most important thing about low-ohm vaping. Sub-ohming is almost a non-issue at this point if you’re using any reasonably good battery, but super-sub-ohming (under 0.3 or 0.2) still needs careful consideration from those looking to push their devices.

This powerful battery can supply intense power to electric cigarette atomizers, ensuring people who vape regularly can always enjoy a flawless vaping experience. This battery from Aspire is one of the best so far in terms of protection and features, being able to supply enough power to all types of atomizers and protect the device from overcharging or over discharging.

Compared to other batteries available on the market, Aspire’s 18650 battery leads the pack with an internal resistance of 11.1 mΩ, 1532 mAh when discharged with 40A and 1703 mAh when discharged with 1A. All these mean two things – the battery lasts much longer and is more resistant to short circuits.

The Aspire 18650 battery is truly exceptional and has a much longer lifespan than any other 18650 batteries available on the market from other manufacturers. Users who choose wisely and can truly enjoy a flawless vaping experience with the Aspire 18650.

Aspire 18650 3.7V 2500mAh rechargeable battery cells is made for normal discharge current(max. 20A) applications. High capacity(2500mAh) provide vapers much longer run time than any standard ICR battery. It is an excellent choice for people who are looking for normal drain ICR 18650 battery cells.

  • 1.ICR 18650 3.7V Li-ion
  • 2.Pulsed discharge:40A
  • 3.Continuous Discharge:20A
  • 4.Capacity: 2500mah

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