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If you made it to this page then you are tired of buying your “last pack” of cigarettes everyday and having your friends and family always giving you a hard time.  We know…we’ve been there. Therefore, we’ve broken it down into a simple three step process that will help you choose the right kit for you.

  • For the light smoker: Quick starter kits (Tube looking device) generates a decent amount of vapor with a fixed wattage (one button device) - Can be found in the Vaping Kits Section 


  • For the heavy smoker needing extra vapor: Variable Wattage device – a device with a bigger battery capacity and more wattage ( between 40~100 watts ) - Can be found in the Vaping Kits Section 


  • For the experienced vapor: Variable Wattage Mod and rebuildable tanks/atomizers  – you can go up to 200watts & more ...but you know that already by now  :) - Can be found in the Mods Section 

A very important note , to have a pleasant first experience please make sure to "PRIME" your coils probably before first time use , the video below explaining how :







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