Does E Juice or E Liquid Go Bad ?!

You may be wondering does e juice go bad? And if so, how do you tell when your e juice has gone bad?

Since it is something you’re ingesting in your body, it becomes a major topic of concern and the preventative measures are just something to be aware of.  Besides looking out for your health, it can be really frustrating watching your money go down the drain when your e juice goes bad especially since all you have to do is take some simple preventative measure to preserve your e juice.

Some people may be wary of cheap e juice, and seek out certain premium brands that produce better e juice. Obviously there are going to be differences in quality of taste and vapor production with different companies and quality of e juice, but the reality of the situation is that any type of e juice from any brand can go bad. However some brands may have e juice that can last longer due to better quality PG, VG and flavors. Nevertheless, no e juice will last forever. That’s just the nature of e juice, as it always has the potential to go bad. With that said, you can easily prevent your e juice from going bad so quickly and extend its shelf life.

Signs that your e juice may have gone bad:

  • Change in color (E juice will get darker)
  • Change in viscosity (E juice gets less viscos and more watery)
  • Change in flavor (E juice loses its flavor)

Changes in e juice color

Ejuice gone bad Color

Ejuice gone bad Color

Normal changes to Color

E juice can actually get a little bit darker but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It will still smoke great and still taste great, but sometimes the color does change a tiny bit.

Extreme Changes to color

If you see an extreme change to the color of your e juice, this can be one of the biggest indications that your e juice has gone bad.

If your e juice is much darker than it was when you first got it, this is a good indication that it has probably gone bad. E juice that is going bad can almost look black or really dark variation of the original color.

Change in e juices viscosity

E juice Gone Bad Viscous

E juice Gone Bad Viscous

As you may have found, the viscosity, or the thickness of your e juice, can very depending on the blend you have, whether you have more PG or VG. It can also vary by brand.

Whether you started out with a really viscos (almost like oil) or a e juice on the less viscous side of the spectrum, if you notice a change in viscosity, this might be a sign it has or is going bad. When your e juice has gone bad you’ll notice that it is much less viscous; the consistency will look more like water.

When filling your electronic cigarette you will notice that it just pours straight out of the bottle, rather than dripping slowly out of the bottle like it normally would.

Change in e juices Flavor

Ejuice gone bad flavor

Ejuice gone bad flavor

You’ll know that the e juice has gone bad because the flavor will be much more watered down or muted.  It just won’t taste like it did when you first got it, and sometimes there’ll be almost no flavor. It can become so flavorless that you may not even be able to smell the flavor anymore.

Common causes for e juice going bad

Leaving it in the sunlight

Just like medications and herbal supplements, you don’t want your e juice sitting in the sunlight. This can quickly deteriorate the quality and the look of your e juice.

Obviously if you leave it in the sunlight for little bit it will be fine, But for longer the time you really don’t want to keep it on the windowsill where it’s going to be getting heat and direct sunlight all day as this will shorten the lifespan of your e juice very quickly.

Does e juice have a shelf life?

E juice does have a shelf life and most manufacturers will tell you that it’s around one year. In reality, you can probably get one to two years if you properly store it.

The shelf life of your e juice also has many contributing factors as it depending on the VG/PG mix, along with the water content, type of flavoring and quality of nicotine. There is a lot that goes into the stability and shelf life of your e juice, but generally if you live in a moderately cool environment you can keep it at room temperature in a dark place and it will last you quite a while.

If however your environment is very hot it may be better to store in the fridge or a small wine cellar where you can dial the temperature lower than your environment, but not so low as the fridge temperature would be.

How to extend the life of your e juice

  • Keep e juice away from heat
  • Keep e juice at room temperature or slightly lower
  • Keep e juice away from direct sunlight
  • Keep e juice sealed

Again, just like medications or natural supplements, you want to keep your e juice in a cool dry place. You could put in small shoebox, in your drawer, in your medicine cabinet, wherever, as long as it can be stored for long periods of out of direct sunlight. One other major factor is to keep your e juice sealed so the flavoring and nicotine don’t dissipate! Otherwise you will have a lower nicotine, low quality flavor e juice that you might decide just to throw out.

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