Do your juices contain Diacetyl? and where is SUICIDE BUNNY Original Line ?

No. ALL E-Liquids Sold on DV do NOT contain this and we avoid using any ingredients that may contain it in our ( Soon to be released Ejuice Lines ) .

In early 2014 it was discovered that many in the flavor industry mark/advertise their products as 'Diacetyl Free', even though these flavor suppliers were giving us their word that these harmful and potentially harmful constituents did not exist in their products, third party independent testing showed otherwise. ( Case in Hand - SUICIDE BUNNY ) That's why we pulled all Suicide Bunny flavors off the Store as we cant put controversial products ( Hyped or not ) in our store and jeopardize this little window we Have to operate in Dubai . We now know that the only way to be certain that these compounds (or any potentially harmful compound) is not present in a particular flavor is to request ISO certifications and certified lab tests from our vendors as a condition in our contracts with all suppliers .

That is what we do at DV , all of our Brands are tested independently by a third party lab for Acetaldehyde, Acetyl Propionyl, Dicaetyl, Formaldehyde and in the future if we discover there may be other compounds to avoid, we will request those tests as well. We are on the leading edge of science and E-Cigarette research as We get all Updates & info on eliquids from AEMSA (AEMSA | American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) ,  so you can rest assured when you are shopping with us that you  are buying the highest quality e-liquid on the market.

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